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Lip Enhancement

Lip Fillers Glasgow

Lip Enhancement and Contouring

One of the treatments that has seen a massive rise in popularity is lip enhancement and contouring sometimes known as lip fillers or lip augmentation. It has became so popular that lots of people now see this as the norm and not just something for the rich and famous, tv stars, pop stars, actresses or footballers wives. At our clinics in the UK we have carried out many lip enhancement procedures which is why we can see how this has grown to be very popular.

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Lips are an important part of our everyday lives. They frame your smile, are a prominent feature in your face and are used to kiss the ones you love. Some people are satisfied with the look of their lips while others, particularly those with thin lips, want to make their lips fuller. Natural ageing and other factors, will mean many people, who would have been happy with their lips have lost volume, leaving them aged and wrinkled. Lip enhancement, contouring or augmentation can enhance or restore a fuller shape to your lips and help you get fuller, more luscious lips or pout.

This simple procedure will also provide a more balanced facial feature helping achieve a more sensuous look, increase self confidence in your appearance because it will restore lost volume and shape.

The lip enhancement treatment in itself requires a local anaesthetic to be applied to the lips. This will ensure then area is numb before lip fillers are carefully injected into the area required to give you more natural fuller lips. The whole procedure would normally take as little as 30 minutes with a recovery period of around 6 to 10 days.

Lip enhancement – what do I need to do

Although lip enhancement is a relatively simple procedure we will still require that every patient firstly should book an appointment where one of our qualified practitioners will create a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve the exact look you are after at an affordable price, simply call in the first instance your nearest Clinic today.