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Lip Fillers Glasgow - before & afterKylie Jenner from The  Kerdashians is regularly in the press talking predominately about lip fillers, fashion and her appearance. Augmentation experts say she has dramatically altered her appearance and aged herself by at least 10 years.  When you look at the before and after pictures of her lip fillers, we are sure you’ll agree.

Lip Fillers in Glasgow

If you’re thinking of getting lip injections in Glasgow, let us assure you that we do a skin test to check for allergies and any reactions you could have.  Lip injections should be something that enhances your appearance, making you feel confident and sexy.

The free consultation at The Dermal Filler Clinic should take no longer than 20 minutes, in this time we will ask what type of look you want.  We will be honest with you and tell you if what you want is not realistic, we are here as medical professionals to help you.

TOP TIP:  Make sure you know which brand of Dermal Filler is being injected into your face / lips, if it’s not one of the top brands i.e. Juvederm then we advise stopping the procedure.  Here at The Dermal Filler Clinic Glasgow, we only use reputable brands as we know they are clinically tested and will last the duration, they are safe and we use them all the time. 

Lip Fillers Glasgow

Call us to arrange a free consultation today and enjoy the benefits of having your dermal fillers.  They should last 6 months and we offer an excellent aftercare service.  Lip Fillers is a pain free experience, you will be able to go to work afterwards however we will give you an aftercare sheet away with you.  You can expect swollen lips from the lip injections for a period of 48 hrs approx. Whilst every care and attention is taken, you may experience some discomfort.