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“Felt at ease straight away. Very professional and have already recommended to my friends”

“Best lip fillers I have ever had, will be back again for sure.”

“Can’t believe how painless my treatment was. I am not a fan of needles at all but was made to feel less nervous by the great staff”.

“Excellent clinic, excellent staff, would recommend to anyone looking at dermal fillers”.

“Quick and painless, different class thanks!”

“My lips are just right and look fantastic, my friends are all asking which clinic it was that done such a great job!”

“Feel great and look great, real confidence booster, thanks so much to all the staff.”

“Was treated like royalty, my friends are all complimenting on how young I look, thanks again.”

How safe are lip filler procedures? How do you know exactly what products is being used and if it is a product that is licensed in the UK?

Safe Lip Fillers

Up till now patients wishing to get dermal filler treatments or safe lip fillers done have had no real idea if the person administering the product has any real qualifications or what products they are using. ‘Starting from April this year, every cosmetic clinic will need to be registered with Healthcare Improvement and meet a set of safety criteria to be allowed to operate, this we hope will go some way in improving patient care.

Lip Fillers Glasgow

‘As an industry, it was crying out to have a more robust and effective regulation in the UK. We absolutely are behind anything that will improve patient safety and patient care, hoping we will see less and less Facebook; posts warning others about their experience at non-registered clinics.

‘Most people will have these types of treatments done to boost their self-esteem and confidence but it’s not nice at all if they end up with a bad experience due to non-registered in-experienced practitioners.

We have seen and had to fix first-hand the horror procedures that some patients have had, some truly shocking from lips that were badly swollen or a finish which is quite clearly an ‘uneven look’. Swollen cheeks or eye problems are not un common. Some of our patients are truly shocked at how bad they look when they have been up sold too much product where the clinic has only thought about profits and not what is best for the patient, with very little after care if any at all.

Be very wary of clinics that seem to go in to a sales pitch during a consultation rather than discussing safety, aftercare and what is best for you. If it seems like a sales pitch it probably is!

As is sometimes the case with any service, especially medical treatments, things don’t always turn out perfectly. However, with the correct aftercare and experienced staff theses should be few and far between and if something does go wrong an experienced practitioner should be able to put things right very quickly.

Lip Fillers GlasgowSafe lip filler clinics

‘We are proud to only work with registered clinics who have a total commitment to the highest professional standards in providing excellence and quality in treatments for our many thousands of satisfied clients.’




If you are looking at the very safest lip fillers make sure;

  1. The clinic is registered with the Healthcare Improvement.
  2. You ask who is administering the product and what qualifications and experience they have.
  3. Make sure you ask exactly what products are being used and if they are licensed to be used here in the UK.